Kamis, 20 Maret 2014

The Beautiful of Telaga Remis

The Beautiful of Telaga Remis - Cool atmosphere with dreamy views of the green pine trees into a dish served in a Lake District Village Kaduela, district Mandirancan, Kabupaten Kuningan, West Java. Is the pool of mussels, Lake wrapped in tranquility atmosphere with natural beauty.
The Beautiful of Telaga Remis

Located approximately 37 km or 1 hour can be reached from downtown brass, Telaga Mussels has 13 hectares of land to the territory of the whole. While the vast lake or telaganya only reached 3.25 acres.

Beautiful atmosphere mixed with the cool air made the Telaga Mussels very fitting place to simply take off fatigue. The presence of a water bike rides to go around adding to its own preoccupation while visiting a tourist area which is currently managed by Perum forestry District Brass.

For those of you who like activity walking, there are special lanes for pedestrians are made to paddle this Lake. Another hobby is hopping fishing, Telaga Mussels keep fish that can be taken home. Oreochromis mossambicus and fish such as goldfish became fish dominate the pool of Mussels.

The name Telaga Mussels taken from two words namely telaga and mussels. Telaga is derived from Sundanese language, namely the Lake while the mussels is a yellow creature that many shells of living around the Lake and called the mussels by the surrounding communities. But on the other hand, there is a myth that tells of the initial formation of the Lake.

For those of you who would like to tour the nature but still confused looking for places that are its natural charm still awake, you guys can come to the quietness of the Mussels in the Regency Brass.

Why do I recommend this place, because it's like are you guys looking for, that the natural attractions are still preserved its natural charm who dare I assure you can pamper the eyes you guys. For that let us know a little more about Talaga Mussels.

Telaga Mussels
As I explained a bit above that the pool of Mussels is one of the natural attractions of Regency Brass. The quietness of these Mussels is a lake that is located at the foot of the Ciremai gunugn at Village Kaduela, district Pasawahan Kab. Brass, which when we calculate its distance range of approximately 37 km from the city centre of brass and about 12 KM from the city of Cirebon. The naming of the Telaga Mussels has its own sense of which the name is taken from the pool of Sundanese language meaning Lake and the mussels are taken from the name of an animal, i.e. a type of bivalve mussels was a lot of yellow life around the Lake.

Beautiful Natural Condition
Not only is this the lowliest mussels, Lake also there is another Lake called can we encounter, there are at least 8 Lake: Lake Buruy, Lake Deleg, Telaga Leat, Telaga Leutik, Telaga Nilem, Telaga Tespong, There Was Salintang, and the well of Jalatunda. The natural attractions of this save Mussels Telaga diversity of flora and fauna, which is approximately 160 plant species such as Melaka, and others. One of the charms of this natural place is one of the rare plant species namely Bananas Hyang which makes this notable enough tourist attractions both in the domestic and foreign tourists.

The quietness of these mussels is a combination of the telaga berning water, clear as glass and the charm of the mountain forests and the cool crisp air memantang us to berwahana for a little tour reveals the mysteries of the forest. We can also update the eksplor Lake is using facilities available such as a water bike, boat, walking trails and saung for stopping to look around her natural charm to relax whilst enjoying snacks available.

That's about The Beautiful of Telaga Remis. Thank you.