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7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado

7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado - The city of Manado in North Sulawesi. The city has a natural beauty that is so popular in Indonesia. As one of the province that is located close to the Countries of the Philippines and the Pacific Ocean. Many tourists who visit this place for various things. Including such a vast culinary world was created here.
7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado
Places of historical importance and is also located here. The location is adjacent to the town of Tomohon and Tondano so it can be seen from the top floor of a building. Each of the residents here have customs and traditions that are condensed to grasp. Here are a few interesting things that exist in the city of Manado. This is 7 Interesting Things That Exist In Manado:

1. Regional language
Indonesia is known for its cultural diversity, owned in each area. Of course this is very favourable for the different communities of understanding to complement each other. We can learn to preserve culture by studying the culture and keep the moral side nor the etiquette of good for the country itself in the eyes of the world.

As one of the municipalities in North Sulawesi, Manado has a distinctiveness in language. Manado Malay loanwords have from Portuguese. In ancient times, the Portuguese were in conquered the area for Tondano and got acceptance of the culture of the community. Manado Malay also has similarities with Languages of Maluku as well as other areas in eastern Indonesia.

2. Alarm area
The city's motto Si Tou Timou is Manado Tumou Tou which means a way of life of a human being who must comply with the rules and good behaviour. If the community motto probe ratulangi Torang These Basudara which means the same as Bhinneka Tunggal Ika belonging to our country. It can be seen from Manado residents greet each other if cross paths and familiar with each other.

If we stay there and have a lot of neighbors, then they would chat with us and each other to socialize for a closer relationship to the better. Then taste as social animals will be more vivid and there is no attitude of individualism.

3. Women looking beautiful
Indonesia is not less beautiful women with women overseas. It can be seen from the acculturation of a foreign race mixing with the natives in Indonesia. Women in the area was there a wedding with count Netherlands which genes caused the descendants of faceless paras and grow more and more.

Maybe that's the only why the area is competing with the city of Bandung and the beauty in the Affairs of the brides. The men will probably be very amazed and want to find a woman from the area.

4. Special food
Typical food of Manado is famous for its spiciness and odd variations to try. As with any food, paniki comes off the bat and burnt or fried. Then there are also smoked tuna or fufu that is mandatory for those Students. They really like once with food, and so one of the staple food for the people there.

5. The island of Bunaken
Bunaken Island became one of the Prima Donna who owned Indonesia. Many tourists visiting the island. Not because of the beauty and diversity of marine life that is delicious to be seen. If we want to go to the island then it should be crossed first by ship while looking down through the transparent glass to look at the charms of the sea.

6. luxury lifestyle
The city's lifestyle is very different from other areas. If we are to the mall in the city, then it would seem some strange sightings. Grandpa or Grandma look fashionable, they wear jewelry to the young man's shirt that looks fashionable to be seen. Prestige on the elderly people are certainly very high and not good to follow entirely.

So also with the young people here. They look more gaul and very easy to socialize. They do not hesitate to invite acquaintances and strangers who cross paths directly. In contrast to in Jakarta that are still timid if acquainted with new people.

7. the trendy city Transport
The city transport in each country must have the characteristic of each. In Indonesia, the transport of the city's most plentiful are the mikrolet. Each area on the island of Java to Sulawesi, there is definitely a mikrolet. In Manado, mikrolet are different from Jakarta for example. A seating position that is in some lines being in mikrolet and as private cars in General. While in Jakarta, car seat attaches or is on the edge.

Another thing that ought to be seen is the atmosphere of mikrolet that looks very trendy. The driver usually put up a music player in it and some of the lamps to be the style of the present. The music contained in the assortment of mikrolet also folk songs to foreign countries. Rates offered this mikrolet also depends on distance with the long route, not like in the city of Jakarta.

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Educational Tours At Home Robot World Robotic Explorer Jakarta

Educational Tours At Home Robot World Robotic Explorer Jakarta - School holidays are not going to the rides or attractions does not become a problem. In the middle of the city, Thamrin City, could also enjoy a vacation with a visit to the home of the robot.
At the rear of the Grand Indonesia mall is the World Robotic Explorer (WRE). WRE can be called with a House Robot that lies between the rows of shops there. Here you can imagine about future lives with all kinds of robots.

With their large size (approximately 2,400 square meters), the House robots easily recognized. The exterior is also different making it easy to find. First time visiting, especially when kids come along, maybe they will berdecak amazed. Home Robots at once can be an alternative vacation with the family in addition to visiting the museum or the playground.

Sign in to the World Robotic Explorer who is the first and largest robot home se-Southeast Asia, you will be presented a futuristic look. This effect is visible mainly in the gallery spaces exhibiting various types of robots. According to Tjindarawan, the founder of Jully WRE, home robots have 40 kinds of robots from abroad.

Crawl space gallery, you will find a labyrinth which showcased some of the dioramas of the robot. Look at them a lifelike robot with a head of Albert Einstein and lifelike robots that you'll probably recognize it if you've been watching the movie portrayed a fictional Will Smith titled I-Robot.

Gallery space with futuristic shades. Being here, you are in a room like a starship that is often shown in Hollywood movies. The design of the door separating the room ever designed.

Facilities Home Robot World Robotic Explorer
In addition to the gallery space, there is creativity area where your kids can create anything about robots. In this room there is also a toy robot from lego. Close to the creativity area there is a laboratory where all things regarding robot will be taught. Or if you want to add to the knowledge by reading, you and the kids can go straight to the library room.

Not content to just look around, just come to the movie room to watch the animated film robots. Finally, all that activity can be closed by visiting Robot Shop to buy different souvenirs or robot-a robot who is there.

Mere information, WRE will feature robots in traditional dress of the 33 provinces. This certainly could make a visit to the home of robots more interesting with a variety of diverse collections.

Curious? You stay towards the Mall Thamrin City directly to the second floor. Home robot that cater for kids or adults aged 3 years and over charge the incoming Rp150 thousands (including learning) per person. A visit is recommended 2-5 people due to projected collectively to make the robot.

For parents who are just dropping off her kids learn about robot Rp50 thousand entrance fee per person. Unlike if you've been a member since it would get 50 percent discounts. WRE is open Monday-Sunday 09.00-19.30 GMT.

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The Attractions Of The Lake Mount Seven Jambi

The Attractions Of The Lake Mount Seven Jambi - Lake Gunung Tujuh is the highest mountain in South East Asia with an altitude of 1,950 mdpl. The Lake was formed due to the eruption of the seven on the hundreds of years ago. The eruption formed a crater that gradually filled filled by rainwater. Seven Mountain Lake water becomes a source of spring water from the waterfall and the river Smoky Telun Stem Sangir.
The Attractions Of The Lake Mount Seven Jambi
The condition of Indonesia's natural Sights of the mountain of the seven is still asri. Its atmosphere is so soothing, so beautiful and natural panoramanya, as well as the water is so clear. The beauty of the Mountain Lakes tourist attraction a complete row by Seven waxes stretch of seven mountains surrounding it. Seventh mountain include Mount Upper Tebo, mount, the mount Madura Sangir Upstream iron, Moss Mountain, mount unung, Basil Jar Pangang, and mount seven.

At some point on the edge of Lake Mountain tourism object Jambi Seven, there are sand dunes that stretch resembles a beach. The venue can be used by travelers to camp while you await sunrise.

Seven Mountain Lake tourist attraction located in the village Pelompek, district Wood Aro, Jambi. To reach the site, there are 3 stages of the journey that must be traveled.
The journey from the city of jambi to the full which is about 500 km away, can be reached in about 10 minutes using public transport, rental car, or a private car. The journey from the city of Padang to Tapan then proceeded into a river full of 278 km distance is about 7 hours using public transport, rental car, or a private car. The journey from the city of Padang to Muaralabuh which continued into a river filled with approximately 211 km can be reached approximately 5-6 hours using public transport, rental car, or a private car.
Proceeds from the river full of Wooden sub to Aro or precisely in the village of Pelompek by using public transport. The distance from pelompek to the Full River about 50 km with it takes about 1.5 hours.
From the village of Pelompek to the location of the seven Mountain Lake tourist attraction. You only have to walk to reach the location with two alternative routes. From a mountain area Seven guard post to the edge of the Lake at a distance of 3 km where the condition of the terrain is not so difficult and can be reached by the time around 2.5 hours. From behind a mountain guest house Seven to the edge of the Lake at a distance of approximately 2.5 km in which the condition of the terrain is rather steep and is about 3 hours.
For those of you who come from outside the region, can stay at several home stay in the village of Kersik Tuo is not so far from the village of Pelompek. While for eating and drinking, you can enjoy typical dishes, like rice, sugar, fish payo semah, jerky, nuts bateko tojin, lemang, drink coffee and tea wood kerinci, aro.

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The Cleanest Beach Grand Watu Dodol

The Cleanest Beach Grand Watu Dodol - If you want to take a vacation to a place of interest that their location was located on the island of Java, try going to the East side of the island. Banyuwangi has interesting sights not inferior to other tourist areas. Grand Watu Lunkhead who is one of the beaches in Banyuwangi, won the award for the cleanest beach of the Asean. Armed with this title, Watu Lunkhead became the most recommended to visit by tourists. What are the beauty of attractions in these Countries? Check out the full review on the course descriptions below.
The Cleanest Beach Grand Watu Dodol
The area on the eastern side of Java, Banyuwangi, has indeed become a prima donna travelers from within and outside the country. Since the last few years, this area has indeed grown into a tourist area that is not inferior to the island on his side, namely the island of Bali. Grand Beach Lunkhead Watu themselves including one of the new attractions that exist in other countries. At the prestigious ASEAN Tourism Standard Awards in 2018, this beach was given the title as the cleanest beaches. The diadalam competition for five days at 22 – 26 January 2018 housed in Chiang Mai, Thailand. As a new tourist attraction, the beach is actually still being adorned in dak. The provider of the Watu Lunkhead also continued working to improve facilities.

Visitors who come to this beach will be greeted by rows of Palm trees that lined up neatly. On the beach, you can enjoy the fine white sand bordering the green grass. From the beaches of Grand Watu Lunkhead, hereafter with GWD, visitors also can cross to Menjangan island and the island of Wasp using a motorboat is facilitated by the local population. The two islands each have a pretty beach is beautiful and clean. You can walk around in beaches Menjangan island or try to take a walk on the island of Wasps. Experience Beach to divide the islands of course is fabulous.

For those of you who don't want to wade into the Islands and want to enjoy other tourist facilities, you can snorkel. Snorkeling in the GWD is very cheap. Visitors only have to pay Rp 25,000 per person only. That way, you can see a captive sharks and several types of marine life there. Another interesting activity at the beach GWD you can do is get around the beach while GWD photograph. There are many spot-spot photos that make you able to produce superb photos. There is swing at the edge of the beach. There are beautiful white sand. Then, there are still many more. All the places on the coast of the GWD is very clean.

To reach the beach GWD, you can use public transport or private vehicles. The beach is not far from the port of Ketapang. Admission to tourist attractions also belongs to very inexpensive, you only have to pay Rp 5,000 per person for the day. On holidays, admission was raised to Rp 7,000 per person. Very cheap right? The location of this tour could be Your sights on the long weekend next month. In the year 2018, we were awarded many long weekend you can take advantage of for holidaying and eliminate stress resulting from the work of saving. Thus, the save your money and start from now so that you can visit your favorite attractions in Indonesia. Such is the current information about GWD Beach who were hits at this time.

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Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo

Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo - Labuan Bajo is a municipality in the District of East Nusa Tenggara. Since the last few years, the area is famous for the beauty of its natural attractions. The Islands South of the Indonesia even had visited some foreign tourists, including Valentino Rossi. For the vast majority of society Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is regarded as the most desired tourist destinations, even surpassing Bali.
Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo
What is interesting in these islands? First of all, the most special and will never be found in other areas, you can see how the original form of the Komodo dragon. This giant lizard living freely on the island of Komodo. This is one of the uniqueness of the tourist destinations in East Nusa Tenggara. Not only that, there are still many other tourist destinations that are sure to make You enchanted. Check out the full review here.

Liang Toh
To be able to clearly see the Komodo dragon species and its Habitat, you can go to the island of Komodo, Liang Toh. You will diajan tour guide to get around the island. And then, along the beach near the pier, you can relax while looking at the ocean blue. If you like to climb the Hill, you can also climb the hills around Komodo island. Do not forget to invite tour guides in order not to get lost.

Pink Beach
Still on Komodo Island, there is a very unique Pink Beach. Why is it unique? Because it has a reddish colored sands. As the name suggests, this pink sand beach. The phenomenon of this nature of course exists only on Komodo island. According to research, the color of the reddish sand derived from coral around the coast which is also red. Terhempat coral granules are carried by the flow until towards the shore. Therefore, the sand on the outskirts of its shores have a pink color.

The Island Of Padar
One other island in Laboan Clothes you must visit is the island of Padar. The island is still included in the Komodo National Park. On this island, you can climb the Hill. Arriving at the top of the Hill, you can see a view of the sea, the sand, and the hills with the point of view of 360 degrees. It's amazing isn't it? You can also take photos with incredible views of the back from the island of Padar.

Gili Laba
Gili Laba also has its own beauty can make you amazed. On Gili Laba, you can also climb the Hill as when on the island of Padar. Arriving at the top of the Hill, you can see the beauty of blue sea with islands that extends. The perfect natural scenery will never meet in the capital.

Goa Batu Cermin
Location of Mirror Stone Cave is located about 4 km from Labuan suits, county seat of West Manggarai. In this tourism object, you could be down to the stomach up to goa goa. Once inside, you can feel for a moment how the natural darkness and the atmosphere around goa. Previously, to reach this place, you can use the public transportation. After that, you have to walk 300 m down the trail. No need to fear tersasar, you block as a marker of korn. During this walk, you will pass through the bamboo trees. Not only that, this trip gives you the experience of how to enjoy an adventure. After arriving in Goa, you can Mirror Stone Cave exploring.

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Planning A Vacation To A Foreign Country

Planning A Vacation To A Foreign Country - Planning a vacation is the most fun. However, it would be no fun if it turns out the preparation we can not make us comfortable in the moment of our trip. So from that information and the need we have to prepare as early as possible. One that might get us prepare is a fleet of travel that could launch our journey out of town, or even out of the country. Because using the travel, usually travel needs you will be met by the party to travel in accordance with the request or your initial deal.
Planning A Vacation To A Foreign Country
This service is usually based on the package you choose for your tour. The package usually be how long you spent there, the travel will provide some of the services you need, such as lodging, dining, attractions and transportation company. These packages are usually named 3D3N, the meaning is 3 days 3 nights. So you can prepared lodgings for 3 nights and 3 days for tourist destinations. Pretty simple, isn't it? You just need to follow the flow of their initial agreement base on package you select and the location where you want to go since the beginning of your journey.

Not many people think about to travel abroad. Perhaps because it hampered the cost. However, there is no harm if you plan and find out first about special places that you can visit abroad. Guideline rather than any tour there, but the country most visited by tourists because there is an icon of their mainstay in marketing their tourism. The first country to at most on the visit were France. In which the French State is famous for the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

The city of paris is a romantic city attractions and beautiful
The city has been a dream of some couples around the world for their honeymoon. Because the city is quite romantic and beautiful when used as tourist sites entitled honeymoon together our legitimate couples. The next State is the United States, where people interested in visiting this country just to see the beauty of niagara falls, see and visit the statue of liberty as well as the visit to the city of gambling in Las Vegas. The third row is the country of Spain, where the country is also one of the countries that are considered romantic like in France.

However, it is possible for people to Islam, visiting Spain is one of the places to learn the history of the development of Islam in Europe, where you can see the history of condensed in the city of Cordoba. The city is also where the filming locations from the film Indonesia about the development of Islam in Europe.

The State furthermore recommended to visit is China where the appeal travel in yesterday's reach 55 million. Perhaps many things you encounter in china is some tour cultural relics and buildings which has its own distinctive features. The next country you normally visit to study fashion is Italy, where you can pay a visit to the city of Milan mode to see the development mode.

That is also the direction of fashion trends in almost all over the world. He is also the country's romantic enough for you visit along with your partner. The next country is Turkey, maybe not many people minded to go there, yes because it may not know about Turkey. In this country you can see a very beautiful in the Bosphorus strait which is the border of Asia and Europe.

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The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi

The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi - Banyuwangi is one of the places on the East side of the island of Java who had many uniqueness. The uniqueness of the first, there are several cultural community, such as Rape Osing-Keboan, which is very unique. More than that, the attractions of Banyuwangi is also not inferior to other places.
The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi
During this time, we get to know the city as transit Countries before heading for the island of Bali. However, now you can also make this place as one of the tourist destination. There are five interesting sights in the Banyuwangi is highly recommended for you. Curious what are the tourist attractions that are located in other countries? Check out more information on the following description.

Plengkung Beach
This beach has been very well known by local tourists and foreign tourists. This is the beach that were touted as the best beach to do the surfing. The beach of Plengkung often called by G-Land, this beach has a pretty big waves suitable for surfing. In fact, this beach is known as The Sevent Waves Wonder. The term arose because of the waves on the beach is formed of seven rolls of large waves with heights up to 6 m. the beach has the second best waves in the world after the waves in Hawaii. No wonder this place is known as a haven of surfing in Indonesia.

The waves on the beach is actually quite good on all year. For your hobby surfing, the best waves is between the months of July to September. In this place, you don't need to bring your own surfing gear. There are many surfing gear rental place that you can take advantage of.

Ijen Crater
The natural landscape is just as wonderful with other places is the Ijen crater. On top of a hill with a height of 2,368 mdpl, you could see a 20-km crater that is surrounded by walls of Kalderasetinggi around 300 – 500 m. the incredible natural landscape is clearly going to make anyone amazed. At the bottom of the crater, you will see a blue flame looks beautiful from the top. To be able to see the beauty of this blue flame, you must come in the early morning,

Green Bay
Green Bay or Green Bay not only interesting in terms of the name alone. You know, the origin of the water in the Bay is really the Green Color. These sights are still entering in glnp Meru Betiri National Park. There are many activities you can do here. In addition to seeing the green sea water, you can also visit the waterfall of angels who remained near the beach. This waterfall has a height of 8 m.

Red Island Beach
Naming based on this color also applies to Red Island Beach. Red Island is a small island near banyuwangi whose land is red. From the shore, you can draw near to Red Island when the sea are receding. The island-shaped Hill covered by green trees and shrubs so that only a little land that looks red.

Beach Rajegwesi
This beach is located in the village of Sarongan. Besides being able to walk around the beach, you can also see the witness of history during the occupation of Japan, namely a bunker. Another uniqueness of this beach is the sand-Brown, Grain of sand is also very soft. Beach Rajegwsi Beach became one of the must visit when you go to Banyuwangi.

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8 luxury hotels For Lodging for Tourists

8 luxury hotels For Lodging for Tourists - Stay at Buckingham Palace certainly could not do. However, it does not mean stay at hotel majestic Palace similar cannot be true.
This year the spotlight will be the United Kingdom's Kingdom because it will roll out the first two times the wedding party. First, to Prince Harry, then a second one for Princess Eugenie. Therefore, there may be people who are interested to taste like what it's like to live in the Royal Palace.
8 luxury hotels For Lodging for Tourists
Well, for those who want a bit of the feel of living in the Palace, could try to stay in the hotels specially designed tubs the King residence, complete with spacious garden, stairs, and large rooms-luxury comfort.  too have been researching the more than 1.6 million properties in the 128,000 destinations worldwide, and chose eight magnificent Palace hotel bathtub. The following list is quoted from the Huffington Post.

The Castle Hotel, A Luxury Collection Hotel, China
This hotel is very pronounced magical because it is located on top of Mount Wanxia, with views over the port of Xinghai and yellow sea. The hotel has a style of Bavarian, d an close to Xinghai Square, the largest city square in the world. Surrounded by lush forests, this luxurious property features rooms that are elegantly decorated and offer a varied spa treatments and an indoor pool r u thinking.

RAA S Devigarh, India
For a unique experience during a street to India per, please try updating to stay in RAAS Devigarh. Housed in an 18th-century palace in the village of Delwara, property war isan is located in the middle of the hills of Aravalli range and has the perfect background. Guests can read quietly in the library or relax in the spacious suites are decorated with magnificent furniture elaborate arches.

Roch Castle, United Kingdom
The impressive castle of the authorities towards the Bay of St. Brides in Roch this will bring guests to the mystical atmosphere. You will be taken back to the 12th century. Castle Roch stands on a high rock outcrops above the landscape of Pembrokeshire. Guests can enjoy a unique sense of history combined with a romantic getaway. Each room is luxuriously decorated, offers modern atmosphere with views of the beach and the typical countryside of United Kingdom.

Ballynahinch Castle Hotel, Ireland
Located in the forest of the amazing Ballynahinch against the backdrop of the mountains of the 12 Bens Mountain Range, overlooking the Ballynahinch Castle Hotel fish salmon in a very large private estates. If you are a lover of nature, can enjoy a wide range of outside activity bak designed tied up within an empire, such as horse-riding, hunting birds or simply ber stroll on the banks of the Lake, and a river for local wildlife we admire.

Castle Post, United States
The Palace Hotel is located between the majestic horse farms and the vast bourbon distillery in Versailles, Kentucky. All this will make you feel ti seper nobility. This property has 10 luxury rooms and suites, a restaurant, a local food specialist and Master Bourbon Steward for the guest to jak been havin fun.

Parador de Cardona Cardona, Spain
With a magical atmosphere in the 19th century, the Parador de Cardona seper ti a tale of tales in the real world. The Castle offers panoramic views of the countryside and the Catalonian inter ior with the history of the medieval style Cardona. Also langitlangit domed, stone walls, as well as a beautiful page. Guests can enjoy typical Catalonian food that is tasty and authentic. Then feel the charming bedroom with canopy beds and beautiful furnishings are highlighted by lighting a la theater performances an d full-color and fabric type.

Castello Di Pavone, Italy
If you are looking for an ancient castle that has been transformed into a charming hotel Castello Di Pavone, Pavone Canavese is in the answer. Surrounded by tropical gardens, the Castle offers a truly unique, with rooms which combine traditional furnishings with modern amenities. The property has several dining rooms small and large size. Each room has unique features such as chandeliers and ceilings glow that will bring you back to the past.

Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac, Canada
Located in the old city of Quebec, this heritage property is its own icon. It offers views of the river St. Lawrence. Guests can relax in a luxurious European-style, i.e. the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac. Guests also can relax and try spa facilities after exploring the upper and lower city district in the city of Quebec.

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The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest

The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest - Green Canyon is a tourist attraction that has diversified its charm, and tourist attraction that attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. In addition, Green Canyon is one of the attractions of the 12 Sights Indonesia That feels just like a vacation Abroad, that is the Grand Canyon.

The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest
Green Canyon has its own uniqueness. From his travels using ketinting from the dock for 30 minutes, we will pass the River with water green tosca. The name Green Canyon was popularized by a France in 1993.

Originally named Cukang Taneuh. We were treated to a view of the River with some small Rapids with narrow grooves in which the boats already can not continue due to cadik. Here, the water is very clear-colored blue.

If you only have a little time for a vacation, there is no harm in Ciamis district, glancing to the Green Canyon. It takes about 9 to 10 hours road from Jakarta heading location. However, Susi Air operates charter aircraft and enough one hour arrive at the venue.

Once here, you will get an interesting experience that may not be found outside the country though. Boat tours tracing the river certainly increased. If you can trace the Mekong River in Cambodia-Myanmar-Viet Nam, then Green Canyon landscape more attractive and charming.

His trip alone by boat from the Jetty around or 45menit we will be happy to pass the river water is green. On the way we look at life on the banks of the river. Cukang Taneuh approached, we were treated to a view of the River with some small Rapids and the narrow Groove. Caution is required if already arrived here. Because if the water were pairs, the current downpours, there are no boats that dared to pass it.

However, if it comes at a time when it doesn't rain, in "Time Partner" so many people call it, you'll see a cliff with verdant trees so sparkling Sun on the other. 

To see the real uniqueness; We are advised to keep up with swim-available rental ban-or creep on the edge of the rock. The ride is fully secure, children aged six years and over to be able to use the tires and guide life guard boat owners that we rent.

Along the way, we will continue to be in the basin with steep wall to the right of the left; most of the walls resemble the cave roof collapsed already.

In certain parts of the still remaining stalactites where groundwater trickles down. After a few hundred metres to swim; We will look at some of the small waterfall on the left of the right that is very charming.

If you are still curious with the end of the road, you will reach a place with a cave inhabited by bats. Along these grooves, you can enjoy the all you can eat.

If you like diving, then bring your snorkel and fin, because much of the basin-basin to be traced and enjoyed to see the fish in the bottom of the bottom.

While for those of you who love to jump from a height of five meters, there is a large stone with the basic bottom in the often used for diving attractions.

The best moment to visit the Green Canyon is a few moments after entering the dry season. Because the rainy season it is feared the water would be Brown. May to September is a good moment for a visit to the Green Canyon.

The vehicle towards the Green Canyon is also a very easy, if you want to use public transportation, there is a bus from Jakarta to Pangandaran. From Pangandaran, you need only connect the vehicle along the 25 km.

That's The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest. Thank you.

Clown Temple In Malang

Clown Temple In Malang – when we hear the word clown, surely that comes to mind is a performer who was polishing her face with thick powder and dressed weird, as well as a facial demonstrated eloquently funny.
Clown Temple In Malang
In contrast to this one clown, clown. The name of a temple in Karangbesuki, municipality of Malang. Said the clown itself derived from the Sanskrit's "Bha-dyut " which means to highlight the star Canopus or highlight Agastya.

It looks at the parent room of the temple which contains a pair of statues are not real from Shiva and Parvati in the form of lingam and yoni. On the outer wall there is a niche-niche containing a statue of Mahakal and Nadiswara.

In the North there are niches with statues of Durga Mahesasuramardhini. Recesses of the East there are statues of Ganesha. In the South there is a statue of Agastya i.e. Shiva as a Maestro. But among all the statues were just statues of Durga Mahesasuramardhini just left.

Seen its shape, similar to a Clown Temple temples in Central Java of the period of the 8th century until the 10th especially in the area of Dieng plateau such as the Gedongsongo Temple. The materials of the temple is made of andesite. Foot plain not ornate. The entrance given the Viewer. Kalamakara which decorate the top of the door do not wear a lower jaw.

The temple was once surrounded by walls of Clowns which has now been lost. Some of the ruins of the Temple still looks scattered here and there that is certainly part of the temple which until now has not been ascertained how the original.

A staircase flanked by carved staircase ornamented kinarakinari cheek (a creature of heaven human-headed bird-body in charge of celestial music plays). The field of ornamental addition to relun-recesses of the temple are decorated with floral patterns. The roof collapse. Before the entrance there is a pedestal smaller ancillary temples by as much as three. In the courtyard of the temple to the North and South there are two cuboid stones with a rectangular hole.

This temple was discovered in 1921 where his form at the time was just a mound of rock, the ruins, and the land. The first person to proclaim the existence of a temple the clown is Maureen Brecher, a controller working in the Netherlands the nation's Poor.

Clown Temple was rebuilt in 1925-1927 under the supervision of B De Haan of the Netherlands Indies, the ancient Office. From the results of excavations at the moment it is known that the building had collapsed completely, except the foot part of the order can still be seen.

The existing stones around it then selected and collected by type and size. On the basis of this is then tried to compose the building. In 1926 the entire accounts part of the foot and the body can be rebuilt, except the roof section cannot be retrieved.

In 1990-1993 return carried out restoration of the temple by the Regional Office of education and culture and the Clown Asylum historical relics and archaeology of East Java, through the project Preservation/utilization of historical heritage and archaeology of East Java, which was implemented in gradually.

Conservation and construction of Objects of cultural heritage is intended so that our cultural heritage remains a sustainably teak can show ourselves as a civilized nation.

That's Clown Temple In Malang. Thank you.

Tips For Safe And Comfortable Vacation In The Beach With The Family

Tips For Safe And Comfortable Vacation In The Beach With The Family - there is nothing more fun than a vacation to the beach with the family. The warmth of the Sun, the sea waves and a touch of sand can quiet the mind and brings an atmosphere of cheerfulness. Plus, the beach is a vacation spots most suitable and fun for the whole family.
Tips For Safe And Comfortable Vacation In The Beach With The Family
But the vacation on the Beach also has a number of risks, especially for young children. Both adults as well as children need to look at the basic security guidelines, so that the risk of accidents can be reduced. And here are some Tips for safe and comfortable vacation in the beach with the family, as reported by the Helium.

Avoid Exposure To Direct Sunlight
The most dangerous rays of the Sun between the hours of 10.00-14.00. It is strongly recommended you do not sunbathe on the beach at these hours. If you still want to enjoy views of the beach during the day, rent a parasol is used on the beach or pitch a tent.

A hat and Sunblock
Wear comfortable cotton sweatshirt and easy to absorb sweat and hat. Don't forget to also apply the cream sunscreen every 2 hours and after getting out of the water. This will minimize skin damage due to sunburn. The negative effects of sunlight could be a higher risk on small children, because their skin is usually thinner and sensitive.

Check The Water Conditions
Beach recreation usually have a coast guard or watchdog that inform water conditions and waves. Before swimming, it's good if you ask the coast guard reserved beach conditions, whether its being install or receding, choppy or calm. Ask also if there are any jellyfish around shore (exposed to the jellyfish can be caused irritation in the skin). Do not enforce swim if the condition being the tide or waves are too big. Immediately bring the kids out of the water if there are jellyfish.

There's a reason why the flag is placed around the coastal waters. Several beaches have coral or plants ripping skin when we swim through it. Flags are usually installed in areas that are potentially harmful. Installation of the flag as well as a sign of the limits of safe you may swim. Never swim past a flag so that you or your child do not escape from the supervision of the coast guard.

Watch Your Child
No matter how safe the situation at the beach, don't let the kids off of babysitting you. The sea can be very dangerous, and young children are typically vulnerable swept waves. Keep always your child not to go into the water too deep.

Do Not Touch The Local Nature Reserve
Say to your child, as well as other family members not to touch or close to the nature reserve, be it plant or animal. In addition to teach children not to damage the environment, as well as avoid possible accidents such as a jellyfish stings or bites of fish.

That's Tips For Safe And Comfortable Vacation In The Beach With The Family. Thank you.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali

The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali - Bali is known with its charm already famous everywhere. Starting from sand beaches, cool waves for surfing, its inhabitants are hospitality up to thick that make foreigners fond linger. In fact I was so popular, many foreigners know Bali but did not know where the location of Indonesia.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali

As offered by kupang.tribunnews and talk about beautiful Bali, recently a Focus magazine in Germany has just set a list of 33 most beautiful island in the world. And unfortunately, all the things that Bali did not then make it the most beautiful in the world. Through an article entitled "Tanz Kein Sumba, aber ein Traum" or means "Sumba, not the name of a dance, but a dream" who would have thought if the magazine Focus thus placing Sumba island in East Nusa Tenggara as the most beautiful island in the world. Then how wonderful Sumba island until able to charm the Bali honours celebrities eroded it? Here's the beauty of Sumba Island 5 facts that make you dumbfounded.

1. Lake Weekuri

If you pay a visit to the island of Sumba, then Lake Weekuri became one of the site not to be missed. In the village of Kalenarogo, Lake Weekuri must-see not just because it has a glass-smooth water with beautiful views, but also because of the Weekuri Lake is the only saltwater lake that existed in Indonesia. The reason is because the location of the Lake which is located beside the sea and only limited by the Rocky reef. Salt water that exists in the Lake comes from sea water that comes out from the cracks of the coral around it.

2. Beach Walakiri

Hunting sunset into fun activities. Well if you are tired of seeing Bali sunset, you can come to the beach of Walakiri in Sumba Timur. As offered by lifestyle.okezone on the beach, you can see the sunset. This not only serves the white sand or the blue of the sea but the expanse of mangrove trees dwarf Beach suburb. At sunset, a mix between twilight and silhouetted against the sky tree will produce a very enchanting.

3. The Hill Wairinding

Sumba is not only famous for its beaches, but also rows of hills. A popular one is the Wairinding Hill located in Waingapu, Sumba Timur Pambotanjara. The unique Warinding Hill may change the color. In March, you'll see a green expanse of savanna, but in June, when the dry season the hills it would turn into a barren Brown. Best time to visit the Hill of Wairinding is in the afternoon when the weather is nice, in addition to the air that is not too hot you can also watch the sunset.

4. Kampung Adat Praiawang Rende

In addition to the rich in beautiful nature, Indonesia also has a rich history. On the island there are many kampung-old customs, one of which is the hometown of the indigenous Praiawang Rende. As offered by kupang.tribunnews formerly this village is the residence of nobles Sumba. Kampong Praiawang Rende consists of 9 parent home that symbolizes noble 9. In addition to the House, where there is also a Dolmen or stone tombs for noble family who died.

5. The Sumba Ikat

If Java had a batik, then Sumba ikat fabric as it has traditionally. For the people of Sumba, cloth weaving was not just an ordinary cloth but a symbol of social status. As offered by phinemo this fabric is usually used for custom event such as wedding ceremonies or death. If you want to buy the Sumba ikat, you can visit Kampung Kaburu, Sumba Timur. And because the process of making that long, so do not be surprised if the price of one ikat cloth can be very expensive even reached the hundreds of millions of dollars.

That's The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali. Thank you.

7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh

7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh - Nangroe Aceh Darusalam is a province located in the westernmost part of Indonesia. Year 2004 then the eyes of the world and Indonesia had highlight Porch of Mecca is due to the tsunami that struck with the great thing.
7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh
But, now in Aceh have already risen, even stands a museum to the memory of the events. Not only a beautiful museum stands alone, the province also hosted in Sabang 2017 Sail yesterday. Curious what are tourist destinations in Aceh?.

1. the Baiturrahman Mosque

Witness of the events of the tsunami on 2004 ago it now stands is sturdy and beautiful since the heyday of the Sultanate of Aceh. The mosque also became one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia.

The main Baiturrahman Mosque building is white, while the dome is black. There are seven domes, four towers and one Tower master who increasingly make it pretty. In addition, there is also a large pond with a fountain in front of the mosque.

Baiturrahman mosque was above land 16,070 metres and is located on the right in the heart of the city of Banda Aceh.

2. The Tsunami Museum in Aceh

Aceh Tsunami Museum is present as a monument symbolic event that was wrenching for the people of Aceh and Indonesia. The museum roof like ocean waves that have the shape of the building as rescue ship when viewed from the side.

Design Museum Ridwan Kamil has 55 collections, 22 units of props, and 26 fruit pictures and paintings. In addition, the museum also has five rooms, namely the lorong tsunami, memories, spaces well prayer and the Hall chimney, and the bridge of hope.

Visitors can also see the rest of the objects from the tsunami disaster. There is also a simulated volcanoes.

If you want to visit just come into Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.3, Sukaramai, Banda Aceh. The Museum is open every day, except Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 pm.

3. Weh island

Don't forget to visit Aceh for a stopover on the island of Weh. Because, its nature will make you AWE can be anesthetized anyone who dives. Hundreds of beautiful coral species with different kinds of fish will pamper guests diving or snorkeling.

Reserved facilities, any Weh island is already complete. A variety of lodging deals range from cheap to expensive tourist can select appropriate bags.

4. Iboih Beach

The charm of the beautiful Beach, Iboih is indeed nothing to doubt. The water is so clear and lucid with a stretch of rocks and the green of the trees located on the waterfront will refresh the eyes of the traveler.

Here you should try snorkeling and diving, because the beautiful reefs and fish with a variety of beautiful colors will welcomed. Iboih also like the hidden paradise with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

5 Kilometre Zero Monument.

Zero Kilometre monument became one of the tourist destinations that are compulsory to visit while in Aceh. This monument is the symbol of the border country of Indonesia.

If visiting here, you will also get a certificate named Certificate 0 km Indonesia, which proves that you have been on this monument. Just come to Iboih village, sub-district Ba'u Tip Sukakarya, Sabang if you want to get it.

6. Gunongan

Taj Mahal ala Indonesia was built as a symbol of the love of Sultan Iskandar Muda to the consort Princess Phang origin of Pahang, Malaysia.

Gunongan shape resembles that of a mountain with three levels of all-white colored. With a height of 9.5 metres, reaching the Summit of mount this shaped flowers blooming.

If you want to see it, you can come to the streets of Teuku Umar No. 1. Gunongan. This place is open every day, from 08.00 to 18.00 GMT.

7. Blang Waterfall Pond

This time the Rebellion had a beautiful waterfall called Blang Waterfall pond. Waterfall in the natural forest will give the feel of a beautiful nature and fresh air.

Before enjoying the waterfall, you had to go through about 600 stairs first. However, this trip will be pay with the charm of the beautiful waterfall.

Shady trees will welcome visitors who come to the waterfall that has a height of 75 metres of it. You can spend time playing with water or just simply sit around besides only.

That's 7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh. Thank you.

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions

Pick The Best Fruit Attractions - Travelling is not just merely a matter of a walk in the beach or mountain climbing. In Indonesia, the fruit also can be used as an alternative place to vacation. In addition to offering beautiful scenery, visitors can go home with a full stomach because it freed up fruit picking.
Pick The Best Fruit Attractions
There are several locations in the country whose orchards as the main concept. In a location with panoramic views of the natural tourist draws, pick the fruit also can at once be the arena of play and learning. Without many words again, following TravelingYuk list serve seven tours pick fruit that exists throughout Indonesia.

1. Pick your Strawberries in Bedugul

One of processed strawberries at the Bedugul via Instagram Solod_elena
Bedugul is known as one of the areas with cold in Bali. If it happens to be venturing into the hills of Melingkuh, Baturiti Village, you will find tours pick strawberries in Bali Outbound and Farmstay. In addition to picking strawberries, visitors will also be given the opportunity of trying various culinary made from strawberries, like jams and Rojak. Beautiful views you can also enjoy in the garden of two acres.

2. Pick Apples in the stone

Typical Apple Cubes have a distinctive taste via Instagram Doremicode
There are several locations: Apple's famous stone. Two of which exist in the area of plantations were prosperous farmers group Timeless (KTMA) and in complex Kusuma agro tourism. For those who are looking for more variation, it is advisable to glide to Kusuma agro tourism. In the resort which offers a full range of facilities, you will also have the opportunity to directly reap the citrus fruits, vegetables, and Syzygium samarangense.

3. Pick Oranges in Kintamani

Direct quotation of citrus fruits in Kintamani via Instagram Gofruit.id
One of the best commodities from Kintamani is the citrus fruit. Even Citrus Kintamani to exported to Java, because it is said could last a week more without the use of preservatives. If curious, just came to feel the sensation. Its location near Lake Batur, so no need to worry about will quickly get bored if visiting here.

4. Pick the fruit in Banyuwangi
If by chance came to Banyuwangi, come to the village of Sambirejo. Here you will find tours pick fruits that offer different sensations than other pick fruit in General.

Dragon fruit so one of the mainstay commodity Banyuwangi, via Instagram rzm_media
Banyuwangi alone is known as one of the largest producers of fruit in Indonesia. While the village of Sambirejo, which is located 30 kilometres from the city centre, has a dragon fruit plantation so wide to many people as a village called Dragon fruit.

5. Pick your Strawberries in the Ciwidey

Picking Strawberries in the middle of the beautiful views of Ciwidey via Instagram azizah_inst
Bandung citizens also have tours pick fruit that is not less interesting. Precisely in the area of Ciwidey village, where visitors are given the opportunity to direct a strawberry plucked from the tree and eat it on the spot. Find tours pick strawberries in Ciwidey village is also not difficult. Stay down There along the road or sand Patenggang Guava, you will find many estates that offer package tours.

6. Pick Dates Pasuruan
Try performing a different Quotation, Tour Dates in Pasuruan tried offering experiential pick fruit that is truly unique. How not, visitors here could direct fruit picking and eating dates, which is actually a typical fruit of the desert region.

One corner of Kebon Dates Pasuruan, via Instagram Nii. nia
Not only that, the visitors were also allowed to keep the fruit dates they pick and took it as a birthday gift. The recently opened tourist attractions at the beginning of 2017 also had another uniqueness, namely the existence of a wreck of a Boeing 737 in the middle of the garden.

7. Pick your Fruit Garden Mekarsari

Mangosteen fruit picking Fruit in the garden of Mekarsari via Instagram Mekarsari_fruitgarden
Children's Fruit agro tourism is Mekarsari located in Bogor. With an area of approximately 264 acres, visitors will be invited to get to know more about the various fruit and richness of flora from across Indonesia in this place. In addition to learning a matter of nurseries and planting a variety of fruit, the visitors can also release Mekarsari tired in the recreation area of the Lake. Here you can enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of look around with a dragon boat or Water Bikes.

That's Pick The Best Fruit Attractions. Thank you.

Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach

Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach - Understanding the coastal Beach and almost all of us know the beach but also often do not understand what is the definition of the beach, because it's our understanding of many kekliruan, e.g. by making the equation with the coast and beaches are different.
Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach

The coastal area is the meeting between sea water and soil which finally happened called high tide or low tide although it arose a storm.

While the beach is an area that starts from the coastal area until far into the Mainland. There is no definite or clear boundaries regarding the coastal area but it is clear the coastal region is part of the coastal area.

The beach is part of the definition of land adjacent to the sea, which is still affected by the process of abrasion (erosion of sea water), sedimentation (sedimentation), tidal and sea water. According to the shape of its beaches can be divided into two kinds, namely coastal beaches and steep ramps.

If we go to the beach where we can go straight to sea water and can swim, play sand and can play with the waves at the beach called Beach ramps.

Camping on the beach is a fun idea to spend time with family. True beach is indeed used to sunbathe, swim, and do aktiftas other water related. Camping on the beach is more a variation of activities than in the mountains. However, you must pay attention to this before camping on the beach. Things you should not do while camping on the beach.


The first thing before camping on the beach is preparing a place for trash. When You go to the beach should always bring the trash. Camping on the Beach also need to bring food supplies. So it is not uncommon after cooking or eating a lot of junk left. We recommend that you always keep the environment clean around the tent and the beach.

Damaging plants around the

The second thing that shouldn't be done is ruin the crops. If you want to build a tent should choose where the vast and empty. You should not choose the place that there are plants, let alone with the cutting down of plants growing in the sand you'll anun tent. Better choose to install a tent below the wake so that cooler and not telalu affected by sunburn.

Discard any liquid into the sea

The third thing that should not be done is to remove any liquid into the sea. Perhaps you're thinking of throwing out Your former drinks so you can use these bottles of drinking water to something else. It's a BIG NO! Camping on the beach must also maintain the cleanliness of the sea. Even better if it helps clean up the beach and sea from dirt or garbage. Two dive three islands exceeded, you get pleasure with spending time together on the beach and the beach and the sea is clean from junk.

To reach the beach is usually the path that traversed would incline winding, and not as smooth as in the city. The All New Toyota Fortuner simplify everything! You can save your camping equipment in the trunk area and opens easily because there is a power back door. So, camping on the beach is not the impossible.

That's Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach. Thank you.

On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun

On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun - Bogor is a city that was accompanied by two mountain at once. Gunung salak and mount Gede. Bogor is also known as the city with the city of rain this is one city that has lots of fascinating charm. well before discussing about the fascinating charm of bogor city. Surely the very city of Bogor has many natural attractions that you guys need to visit. Because of its very beautiful tourist and can make the eyes you are pampered by the given view.
On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun

Recreational and educational concept, Solar Park is one of the theme park in Bogor, Puncak, serving a variety of exciting rides, ranging from water rides, adventure rides and adventures, flyng fox, ATV, to outbound services clambing, wall, and rafting. Not only that, the Park covering an area of 40 hectares is also equipped with various supporting facilities that are not necessarily present on other educational tours destinations, such as lodging, saung, restaurants and shopping centre.

Risa, Marketing Garden Tour of the Sun when contacted Saturday, Liputan6.com (10/3/2018) says, every month the Park is located on Highway 77 KM Peaks, Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java it can be visited by more than 10,000 people. " I don't know the number for sure, but every month it could be tens of thousands of visitors, even if peak season can be up to hundreds of thousands, "said Risa.

Wanaha Education
Unlike the theme parks other educational concept, theme parks of the Sun actually provides educational rides to children and teens who want to get to know nature more closely. It is visible from the availability of rides interesting education, ranging from livestock vehicle for those who want to learn the cattle, nature education, to plant rice rides complete with tools plow rice fields.

"We are not yet there is a new probe, spot-spot photos like the others, but we continue to do development, provides the best service, lodging, saung-saung, a package of education because schools need this," says Risa.

Although the region does not have a special photo spot for those who like to selfie Tourist Park, the Sun was very Instagramable to get the spot an attractive vacation photos and memorable.

"One of the privileges we eh aside from the location that is on a peak, we also have a package of education, which is really education," said Risa added.

Paper Darmawan
Sun Park, Theme Park Full Of Educational Studies Day Darmawan
Garden Tour the Sun was founded by Hari Darmawan, the legend of the retail business. This place has become one of the favorite tourist spots in the area of the Summit-Bogor, besides doing business such as development, providing lodging, providing rides a very varied and educate, the wide parking area and comfortable and facilities – other facilities in order to provide the satisfaction of visitors.

Only by paying the entrance fee of Rp 35,000 (Monday-Friday) and Rp 45,000 and (weekends and public holidays), each visitor can already feel the thrill of vacation that the terms will be education.

That's the article on vacation to children's Tours of the Sun. Thank you.

The Beautiful Of Sepa Island

The Beautiful Of Sepa Island - Sepa island is the island of the thousand has facilities such as: Cottage woven bamboo and also permanent, Restaurant, Karoke, Play Ground, Banana boating, Diving and Snorkel Rental, Fishing, Wake Board, Canoe and Jetsky.
The Beautiful Of Sepa Island

In the Sepa Island visitors can Snorkel on some islands not far from the island of sepa by renting traditional ships boat, tourists can see the beauty of various types of coral reefs that is on an island on the go such as: coral island Athol island Dolphin Island, A Sandbar.

Snorkeling and scuba diving fill your vacation time on the island, many foreign tourists and local y ang visiting sepa island in the thousand Islands tour that takes up the mileage of approximately 90 minutes from the marina towards the sepa island.

Water play, sand and swim in the beach very preferred among all children and adults, on the island of thousand-Island Tour is sepa visitors who come directly to enjoy clear views of the sea and white sand lembutnya that is on this island.

Swim and snorkel in this island will not miss the tourists to conduct such activities, for a vacation to the island without a swim and snorkel will not noticeably effect which will be in May. Cottage stage made of bamboo and also permanently, and also tour the huge trees that seemed to blend with the green of nature as we stay on the island.

Some of the facilities available:

Water sport: jetsky, banana boat, canoe
snorkel sets, sets of diving, traditional ships
area games, oceanfront Gazebo and children's play area
Sepa island has a comfortable lodging with the cottage. There are several type of lodging: Turtle, Type Type Type of Napoleon, snapper and Type Octopus, total overall available 38 cottages and each room has AIR CONDITIONING, television, shower. Room comfortable and clean because at manage it well. In addition there is also a captive turtle scales.

The unique restaurant as a place to eat and congregate the tourists deliberately made open to make it look more relaxed and the buildings are made of bamboo and wood to make it more noticeable to blend with nature. Therefore the island is known as the island of natural and eco-friendly eco resort in the thousand islands.

Sepa has Islands shore a fairly gentle slope, as well as white sand which is quite widely available also chairs chairs already provided for the tourists sit back while looking at the vastness of the Ocean lies in front of the eyes. Beautiful natural shades can we enjoy in this beautiful island.

In addition there are also several Gazebos provided by the beach where the casual visitor enjoy and see the beauty of the Sea resort. By the time the Sun started setting usually many visitors sitting in the dock enjoying the natural phenomena and the occasional sound of the waves dikesunyian.

With 90 minutes of distance from ancol, the sea water on the island of sepa was certainly clear and clean, the visitor can play on the beach. And for visitors who want to see coral reefs and colorful fish that can do snorkeling and diving activities.

You certainly will not lose pay rent diving or snorkeling package, because the underwater beauty of the beautiful, much of the ecosystem is living in it. See the beauty of the coral reefs of the sea can be demonstrated to us of the importance of caring for and preserving the beauty of life in the sea, it would be better for us lovers of underwater nature adds to the ecosystem by means of Transplantation of coral reefs, because it is one of the rahabilitasi efforts by means of grafting or breeding to create new habitat. If you are interested do we provide packages of coral Transplantation.

That's about The Beautiful Of Sepa Island. Thank you.

5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor

5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor - When the weekend arrives, the Summit became one of sights of Prima Donna it family for a vacation. There are many tourist attractions-top hits, one of which is the Sun.
5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor

Sun Garden attractions often become the target of tourists invites families on vacation. In addition to having the cool air, the solar Park has a variety of exciting arena-friendly with children.

The Summit is indeed often become favorites for the tour. Because, the Summit has the cool nature, green trees and beautiful environment. This has always been an attraction. Interested want to vacation at the Summit for this weekend?

In addition to the Children of the Sun, the following are some interesting destinations on the Summit to visit, such as summarized iNews.id, Saturday (10/3/2018).

Sun Park

Want to go to a place that was more cool, Garden Tour of the Sun being one spot of choice for vacation. One of the attractions of this popular tourist and has become a favorite, especially for the citizens of the capital city of Jakarta. The park with an area of about 30 hectares of this, give the scenery of the beautiful pegununangan and cool air. You and your family can recreation while learning.

Here, there is a complete games and rides for the kids. Starting from a challenging thing to cheer for adrenaline, fun-appeal with the family. Inside the Park, you can see the mountains and greenery. To see more challenging spot, try to climb the flying fox. From above, you can see more clearly the vast lake.

Curug Length

Curug is long in the village of Megamendung, Bogor. Located on the slopes of Mount Assembly Hall, Curug Long has an altitude of 1,000 mdpl with an area of 30 hectares. These sights offer the beauty of the river Cirangrang. This is the river that forms four waterfalls in the area, ranging from the top position, i.e. the Curug Blao, Curug long, Curug Bunder, and Curug Barong. Curug Long used as the name of the location, as the place is close to the entrance gate. As the name implies, its shape is not vertically like a waterfall, but generally form a slanted slope along 20 metres. Water discharge is also quite heavy.

Garden Mountain Riung

If you get bored with the routine work of the Office. There is no harm, long weekend this time, pay a visit to Mountain Riung Garden. Here, you can make a tour viewing the vast tea estates. Some of the facilities that existed here, will make the visitors or tourists taste lingering. Tea plantation area is very spacious and the air is very cool. Visitors can also stroll riung Mountains surround the tea plantation with tracking on line teawalk. You will be invited to pass through the tea plantations.

Telaga Warna Lake

Telaga Warna in Bogor is a natural tourist attraction located in the Pass Cisarua Bogor. Each weekend, Telaga Warna became the Prima Donna for tourists. The Lake is famous for the beauty of its charm. Telaga Warna also has a stretch of wide stretches of tea gardens. One of the uniqueness of the Lake water is a Telaga Warna can vary in color. Some of the results of the research been done, there are seven water colors in this place. The reflection of different colors the trees around the Lake, became one of the causative factors for discoloration.

Curug Batulayang Twin

Curug twins became one of the favorite tourist attractions. The water is crystal clear highly preferred tourists visiting. Because the atmosphere is quiet, Curug Twins Batulayang be the most desirable visitors. Curug twins have appeal because the number is five. It is located adjacent and also not too far from the location of the falls with each other.

That's 5 Tour Hits on top of Bogor. Thank you.