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7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh

7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh - Nangroe Aceh Darusalam is a province located in the westernmost part of Indonesia. Year 2004 then the eyes of the world and Indonesia had highlight Porch of Mecca is due to the tsunami that struck with the great thing.

7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh
But, now in Aceh have already risen, even stands a museum to the memory of the events. Not only a beautiful museum stands alone, the province also hosted in Sabang 2017 Sail yesterday. Curious what are tourist destinations in Aceh?.

1. the Baiturrahman Mosque

Witness of the events of the tsunami on 2004 ago it now stands is sturdy and beautiful since the heyday of the Sultanate of Aceh. The mosque also became one of the most beautiful mosques in Indonesia.

The main Baiturrahman Mosque building is white, while the dome is black. There are seven domes, four towers and one Tower master who increasingly make it pretty. In addition, there is also a large pond with a fountain in front of the mosque.

Baiturrahman mosque was above land 16,070 metres and is located on the right in the heart of the city of Banda Aceh.

2. The Tsunami Museum in Aceh

Aceh Tsunami Museum is present as a monument symbolic event that was wrenching for the people of Aceh and Indonesia. The museum roof like ocean waves that have the shape of the building as rescue ship when viewed from the side.

Design Museum Ridwan Kamil has 55 collections, 22 units of props, and 26 fruit pictures and paintings. In addition, the museum also has five rooms, namely the lorong tsunami, memories, spaces well prayer and the Hall chimney, and the bridge of hope.

Visitors can also see the rest of the objects from the tsunami disaster. There is also a simulated volcanoes.

If you want to visit just come into Jalan Sultan Iskandar Muda No.3, Sukaramai, Banda Aceh. The Museum is open every day, except Friday from 10.00 to 17.00 pm.

3. Weh island

Don't forget to visit Aceh for a stopover on the island of Weh. Because, its nature will make you AWE can be anesthetized anyone who dives. Hundreds of beautiful coral species with different kinds of fish will pamper guests diving or snorkeling.

Reserved facilities, any Weh island is already complete. A variety of lodging deals range from cheap to expensive tourist can select appropriate bags.

4. Iboih Beach

The charm of the beautiful Beach, Iboih is indeed nothing to doubt. The water is so clear and lucid with a stretch of rocks and the green of the trees located on the waterfront will refresh the eyes of the traveler.

Here you should try snorkeling and diving, because the beautiful reefs and fish with a variety of beautiful colors will welcomed. Iboih also like the hidden paradise with a quiet and peaceful atmosphere.

5 Kilometre Zero Monument.

Zero Kilometre monument became one of the tourist destinations that are compulsory to visit while in Aceh. This monument is the symbol of the border country of Indonesia.

If visiting here, you will also get a certificate named Certificate 0 km Indonesia, which proves that you have been on this monument. Just come to Iboih village, sub-district Ba'u Tip Sukakarya, Sabang if you want to get it.

6. Gunongan

Taj Mahal ala Indonesia was built as a symbol of the love of Sultan Iskandar Muda to the consort Princess Phang origin of Pahang, Malaysia.

Gunongan shape resembles that of a mountain with three levels of all-white colored. With a height of 9.5 metres, reaching the Summit of mount this shaped flowers blooming.

If you want to see it, you can come to the streets of Teuku Umar No. 1. Gunongan. This place is open every day, from 08.00 to 18.00 GMT.

7. Blang Waterfall Pond

This time the Rebellion had a beautiful waterfall called Blang Waterfall pond. Waterfall in the natural forest will give the feel of a beautiful nature and fresh air.

Before enjoying the waterfall, you had to go through about 600 stairs first. However, this trip will be pay with the charm of the beautiful waterfall.

Shady trees will welcome visitors who come to the waterfall that has a height of 75 metres of it. You can spend time playing with water or just simply sit around besides only.

That's 7 Best Tourist Places in Aceh. Thank you.

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