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Educational Tours At Home Robot World Robotic Explorer Jakarta

Educational Tours At Home Robot World Robotic Explorer Jakarta - School holidays are not going to the rides or attractions does not become a problem. In the middle of the city, Thamrin City, could also enjoy a vacation with a visit to the home of the robot.

At the rear of the Grand Indonesia mall is the World Robotic Explorer (WRE). WRE can be called with a House Robot that lies between the rows of shops there. Here you can imagine about future lives with all kinds of robots.

With their large size (approximately 2,400 square meters), the House robots easily recognized. The exterior is also different making it easy to find. First time visiting, especially when kids come along, maybe they will berdecak amazed. Home Robots at once can be an alternative vacation with the family in addition to visiting the museum or the playground.

Sign in to the World Robotic Explorer who is the first and largest robot home se-Southeast Asia, you will be presented a futuristic look. This effect is visible mainly in the gallery spaces exhibiting various types of robots. According to Tjindarawan, the founder of Jully WRE, home robots have 40 kinds of robots from abroad.

Crawl space gallery, you will find a labyrinth which showcased some of the dioramas of the robot. Look at them a lifelike robot with a head of Albert Einstein and lifelike robots that you'll probably recognize it if you've been watching the movie portrayed a fictional Will Smith titled I-Robot.

Gallery space with futuristic shades. Being here, you are in a room like a starship that is often shown in Hollywood movies. The design of the door separating the room ever designed.

Facilities Home Robot World Robotic Explorer
In addition to the gallery space, there is creativity area where your kids can create anything about robots. In this room there is also a toy robot from lego. Close to the creativity area there is a laboratory where all things regarding robot will be taught. Or if you want to add to the knowledge by reading, you and the kids can go straight to the library room.

Not content to just look around, just come to the movie room to watch the animated film robots. Finally, all that activity can be closed by visiting Robot Shop to buy different souvenirs or robot-a robot who is there.

Mere information, WRE will feature robots in traditional dress of the 33 provinces. This certainly could make a visit to the home of robots more interesting with a variety of diverse collections.

Curious? You stay towards the Mall Thamrin City directly to the second floor. Home robot that cater for kids or adults aged 3 years and over charge the incoming Rp150 thousands (including learning) per person. A visit is recommended 2-5 people due to projected collectively to make the robot.

For parents who are just dropping off her kids learn about robot Rp50 thousand entrance fee per person. Unlike if you've been a member since it would get 50 percent discounts. WRE is open Monday-Sunday 09.00-19.30 GMT.

That's about Educational Tours At Home Robot World Robotic Explorer Jakarta. Thank you.

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