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Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo

Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo - Labuan Bajo is a municipality in the District of East Nusa Tenggara. Since the last few years, the area is famous for the beauty of its natural attractions. The Islands South of the Indonesia even had visited some foreign tourists, including Valentino Rossi. For the vast majority of society Indonesia, Labuan Bajo is regarded as the most desired tourist destinations, even surpassing Bali.

Five of the Most Interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo
What is interesting in these islands? First of all, the most special and will never be found in other areas, you can see how the original form of the Komodo dragon. This giant lizard living freely on the island of Komodo. This is one of the uniqueness of the tourist destinations in East Nusa Tenggara. Not only that, there are still many other tourist destinations that are sure to make You enchanted. Check out the full review here.

Liang Toh
To be able to clearly see the Komodo dragon species and its Habitat, you can go to the island of Komodo, Liang Toh. You will diajan tour guide to get around the island. And then, along the beach near the pier, you can relax while looking at the ocean blue. If you like to climb the Hill, you can also climb the hills around Komodo island. Do not forget to invite tour guides in order not to get lost.

Pink Beach
Still on Komodo Island, there is a very unique Pink Beach. Why is it unique? Because it has a reddish colored sands. As the name suggests, this pink sand beach. The phenomenon of this nature of course exists only on Komodo island. According to research, the color of the reddish sand derived from coral around the coast which is also red. Terhempat coral granules are carried by the flow until towards the shore. Therefore, the sand on the outskirts of its shores have a pink color.

The Island Of Padar
One other island in Laboan Clothes you must visit is the island of Padar. The island is still included in the Komodo National Park. On this island, you can climb the Hill. Arriving at the top of the Hill, you can see a view of the sea, the sand, and the hills with the point of view of 360 degrees. It's amazing isn't it? You can also take photos with incredible views of the back from the island of Padar.

Gili Laba
Gili Laba also has its own beauty can make you amazed. On Gili Laba, you can also climb the Hill as when on the island of Padar. Arriving at the top of the Hill, you can see the beauty of blue sea with islands that extends. The perfect natural scenery will never meet in the capital.

Goa Batu Cermin
Location of Mirror Stone Cave is located about 4 km from Labuan suits, county seat of West Manggarai. In this tourism object, you could be down to the stomach up to goa goa. Once inside, you can feel for a moment how the natural darkness and the atmosphere around goa. Previously, to reach this place, you can use the public transportation. After that, you have to walk 300 m down the trail. No need to fear tersasar, you block as a marker of korn. During this walk, you will pass through the bamboo trees. Not only that, this trip gives you the experience of how to enjoy an adventure. After arriving in Goa, you can Mirror Stone Cave exploring.

That's about Five of the most interesting Sights in Labuan Bajo. Thank you.

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