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On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun

On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun - Bogor is a city that was accompanied by two mountain at once. Gunung salak and mount Gede. Bogor is also known as the city with the city of rain this is one city that has lots of fascinating charm. well before discussing about the fascinating charm of bogor city. Surely the very city of Bogor has many natural attractions that you guys need to visit. Because of its very beautiful tourist and can make the eyes you are pampered by the given view.

On Vacation to Children's Tours of the Sun

Recreational and educational concept, Solar Park is one of the theme park in Bogor, Puncak, serving a variety of exciting rides, ranging from water rides, adventure rides and adventures, flyng fox, ATV, to outbound services clambing, wall, and rafting. Not only that, the Park covering an area of 40 hectares is also equipped with various supporting facilities that are not necessarily present on other educational tours destinations, such as lodging, saung, restaurants and shopping centre.

Risa, Marketing Garden Tour of the Sun when contacted Saturday, (10/3/2018) says, every month the Park is located on Highway 77 KM Peaks, Cilember, Cisarua, Bogor, West Java it can be visited by more than 10,000 people. " I don't know the number for sure, but every month it could be tens of thousands of visitors, even if peak season can be up to hundreds of thousands, "said Risa.

Wanaha Education
Unlike the theme parks other educational concept, theme parks of the Sun actually provides educational rides to children and teens who want to get to know nature more closely. It is visible from the availability of rides interesting education, ranging from livestock vehicle for those who want to learn the cattle, nature education, to plant rice rides complete with tools plow rice fields.

"We are not yet there is a new probe, spot-spot photos like the others, but we continue to do development, provides the best service, lodging, saung-saung, a package of education because schools need this," says Risa.

Although the region does not have a special photo spot for those who like to selfie Tourist Park, the Sun was very Instagramable to get the spot an attractive vacation photos and memorable.

"One of the privileges we eh aside from the location that is on a peak, we also have a package of education, which is really education," said Risa added.

Paper Darmawan
Sun Park, Theme Park Full Of Educational Studies Day Darmawan
Garden Tour the Sun was founded by Hari Darmawan, the legend of the retail business. This place has become one of the favorite tourist spots in the area of the Summit-Bogor, besides doing business such as development, providing lodging, providing rides a very varied and educate, the wide parking area and comfortable and facilities – other facilities in order to provide the satisfaction of visitors.

Only by paying the entrance fee of Rp 35,000 (Monday-Friday) and Rp 45,000 and (weekends and public holidays), each visitor can already feel the thrill of vacation that the terms will be education.

That's the article on vacation to children's Tours of the Sun. Thank you.

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