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The Beautiful Of Sepa Island

The Beautiful Of Sepa Island - Sepa island is the island of the thousand has facilities such as: Cottage woven bamboo and also permanent, Restaurant, Karoke, Play Ground, Banana boating, Diving and Snorkel Rental, Fishing, Wake Board, Canoe and Jetsky.

The Beautiful Of Sepa Island

In the Sepa Island visitors can Snorkel on some islands not far from the island of sepa by renting traditional ships boat, tourists can see the beauty of various types of coral reefs that is on an island on the go such as: coral island Athol island Dolphin Island, A Sandbar.

Snorkeling and scuba diving fill your vacation time on the island, many foreign tourists and local y ang visiting sepa island in the thousand Islands tour that takes up the mileage of approximately 90 minutes from the marina towards the sepa island.

Water play, sand and swim in the beach very preferred among all children and adults, on the island of thousand-Island Tour is sepa visitors who come directly to enjoy clear views of the sea and white sand lembutnya that is on this island.

Swim and snorkel in this island will not miss the tourists to conduct such activities, for a vacation to the island without a swim and snorkel will not noticeably effect which will be in May. Cottage stage made of bamboo and also permanently, and also tour the huge trees that seemed to blend with the green of nature as we stay on the island.

Some of the facilities available:

Water sport: jetsky, banana boat, canoe
snorkel sets, sets of diving, traditional ships
area games, oceanfront Gazebo and children's play area
Sepa island has a comfortable lodging with the cottage. There are several type of lodging: Turtle, Type Type Type of Napoleon, snapper and Type Octopus, total overall available 38 cottages and each room has AIR CONDITIONING, television, shower. Room comfortable and clean because at manage it well. In addition there is also a captive turtle scales.

The unique restaurant as a place to eat and congregate the tourists deliberately made open to make it look more relaxed and the buildings are made of bamboo and wood to make it more noticeable to blend with nature. Therefore the island is known as the island of natural and eco-friendly eco resort in the thousand islands.

Sepa has Islands shore a fairly gentle slope, as well as white sand which is quite widely available also chairs chairs already provided for the tourists sit back while looking at the vastness of the Ocean lies in front of the eyes. Beautiful natural shades can we enjoy in this beautiful island.

In addition there are also several Gazebos provided by the beach where the casual visitor enjoy and see the beauty of the Sea resort. By the time the Sun started setting usually many visitors sitting in the dock enjoying the natural phenomena and the occasional sound of the waves dikesunyian.

With 90 minutes of distance from ancol, the sea water on the island of sepa was certainly clear and clean, the visitor can play on the beach. And for visitors who want to see coral reefs and colorful fish that can do snorkeling and diving activities.

You certainly will not lose pay rent diving or snorkeling package, because the underwater beauty of the beautiful, much of the ecosystem is living in it. See the beauty of the coral reefs of the sea can be demonstrated to us of the importance of caring for and preserving the beauty of life in the sea, it would be better for us lovers of underwater nature adds to the ecosystem by means of Transplantation of coral reefs, because it is one of the rahabilitasi efforts by means of grafting or breeding to create new habitat. If you are interested do we provide packages of coral Transplantation.

That's about The Beautiful Of Sepa Island. Thank you.

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