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The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest

The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest - Green Canyon is a tourist attraction that has diversified its charm, and tourist attraction that attracts tens of thousands of tourists every year. In addition, Green Canyon is one of the attractions of the 12 Sights Indonesia That feels just like a vacation Abroad, that is the Grand Canyon.

The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest
Green Canyon has its own uniqueness. From his travels using ketinting from the dock for 30 minutes, we will pass the River with water green tosca. The name Green Canyon was popularized by a France in 1993.

Originally named Cukang Taneuh. We were treated to a view of the River with some small Rapids with narrow grooves in which the boats already can not continue due to cadik. Here, the water is very clear-colored blue.

If you only have a little time for a vacation, there is no harm in Ciamis district, glancing to the Green Canyon. It takes about 9 to 10 hours road from Jakarta heading location. However, Susi Air operates charter aircraft and enough one hour arrive at the venue.

Once here, you will get an interesting experience that may not be found outside the country though. Boat tours tracing the river certainly increased. If you can trace the Mekong River in Cambodia-Myanmar-Viet Nam, then Green Canyon landscape more attractive and charming.

His trip alone by boat from the Jetty around or 45menit we will be happy to pass the river water is green. On the way we look at life on the banks of the river. Cukang Taneuh approached, we were treated to a view of the River with some small Rapids and the narrow Groove. Caution is required if already arrived here. Because if the water were pairs, the current downpours, there are no boats that dared to pass it.

However, if it comes at a time when it doesn't rain, in "Time Partner" so many people call it, you'll see a cliff with verdant trees so sparkling Sun on the other. 

To see the real uniqueness; We are advised to keep up with swim-available rental ban-or creep on the edge of the rock. The ride is fully secure, children aged six years and over to be able to use the tires and guide life guard boat owners that we rent.

Along the way, we will continue to be in the basin with steep wall to the right of the left; most of the walls resemble the cave roof collapsed already.

In certain parts of the still remaining stalactites where groundwater trickles down. After a few hundred metres to swim; We will look at some of the small waterfall on the left of the right that is very charming.

If you are still curious with the end of the road, you will reach a place with a cave inhabited by bats. Along these grooves, you can enjoy the all you can eat.

If you like diving, then bring your snorkel and fin, because much of the basin-basin to be traced and enjoyed to see the fish in the bottom of the bottom.

While for those of you who love to jump from a height of five meters, there is a large stone with the basic bottom in the often used for diving attractions.

The best moment to visit the Green Canyon is a few moments after entering the dry season. Because the rainy season it is feared the water would be Brown. May to September is a good moment for a visit to the Green Canyon.

The vehicle towards the Green Canyon is also a very easy, if you want to use public transportation, there is a bus from Jakarta to Pangandaran. From Pangandaran, you need only connect the vehicle along the 25 km.

That's The beauty of the river Rapids in Green Canyon Vest. Thank you.

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