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The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali

The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali - Bali is known with its charm already famous everywhere. Starting from sand beaches, cool waves for surfing, its inhabitants are hospitality up to thick that make foreigners fond linger. In fact I was so popular, many foreigners know Bali but did not know where the location of Indonesia.

The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali

As offered by kupang.tribunnews and talk about beautiful Bali, recently a Focus magazine in Germany has just set a list of 33 most beautiful island in the world. And unfortunately, all the things that Bali did not then make it the most beautiful in the world. Through an article entitled "Tanz Kein Sumba, aber ein Traum" or means "Sumba, not the name of a dance, but a dream" who would have thought if the magazine Focus thus placing Sumba island in East Nusa Tenggara as the most beautiful island in the world. Then how wonderful Sumba island until able to charm the Bali honours celebrities eroded it? Here's the beauty of Sumba Island 5 facts that make you dumbfounded.

1. Lake Weekuri

If you pay a visit to the island of Sumba, then Lake Weekuri became one of the site not to be missed. In the village of Kalenarogo, Lake Weekuri must-see not just because it has a glass-smooth water with beautiful views, but also because of the Weekuri Lake is the only saltwater lake that existed in Indonesia. The reason is because the location of the Lake which is located beside the sea and only limited by the Rocky reef. Salt water that exists in the Lake comes from sea water that comes out from the cracks of the coral around it.

2. Beach Walakiri

Hunting sunset into fun activities. Well if you are tired of seeing Bali sunset, you can come to the beach of Walakiri in Sumba Timur. As offered by lifestyle.okezone on the beach, you can see the sunset. This not only serves the white sand or the blue of the sea but the expanse of mangrove trees dwarf Beach suburb. At sunset, a mix between twilight and silhouetted against the sky tree will produce a very enchanting.

3. The Hill Wairinding

Sumba is not only famous for its beaches, but also rows of hills. A popular one is the Wairinding Hill located in Waingapu, Sumba Timur Pambotanjara. The unique Warinding Hill may change the color. In March, you'll see a green expanse of savanna, but in June, when the dry season the hills it would turn into a barren Brown. Best time to visit the Hill of Wairinding is in the afternoon when the weather is nice, in addition to the air that is not too hot you can also watch the sunset.

4. Kampung Adat Praiawang Rende

In addition to the rich in beautiful nature, Indonesia also has a rich history. On the island there are many kampung-old customs, one of which is the hometown of the indigenous Praiawang Rende. As offered by kupang.tribunnews formerly this village is the residence of nobles Sumba. Kampong Praiawang Rende consists of 9 parent home that symbolizes noble 9. In addition to the House, where there is also a Dolmen or stone tombs for noble family who died.

5. The Sumba Ikat

If Java had a batik, then Sumba ikat fabric as it has traditionally. For the people of Sumba, cloth weaving was not just an ordinary cloth but a symbol of social status. As offered by phinemo this fabric is usually used for custom event such as wedding ceremonies or death. If you want to buy the Sumba ikat, you can visit Kampung Kaburu, Sumba Timur. And because the process of making that long, so do not be surprised if the price of one ikat cloth can be very expensive even reached the hundreds of millions of dollars.

That's The Best Tourist Attractions In Addition To Bali. Thank you.

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