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The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi

The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi - Banyuwangi is one of the places on the East side of the island of Java who had many uniqueness. The uniqueness of the first, there are several cultural community, such as Rape Osing-Keboan, which is very unique. More than that, the attractions of Banyuwangi is also not inferior to other places.

The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi
During this time, we get to know the city as transit Countries before heading for the island of Bali. However, now you can also make this place as one of the tourist destination. There are five interesting sights in the Banyuwangi is highly recommended for you. Curious what are the tourist attractions that are located in other countries? Check out more information on the following description.

Plengkung Beach
This beach has been very well known by local tourists and foreign tourists. This is the beach that were touted as the best beach to do the surfing. The beach of Plengkung often called by G-Land, this beach has a pretty big waves suitable for surfing. In fact, this beach is known as The Sevent Waves Wonder. The term arose because of the waves on the beach is formed of seven rolls of large waves with heights up to 6 m. the beach has the second best waves in the world after the waves in Hawaii. No wonder this place is known as a haven of surfing in Indonesia.

The waves on the beach is actually quite good on all year. For your hobby surfing, the best waves is between the months of July to September. In this place, you don't need to bring your own surfing gear. There are many surfing gear rental place that you can take advantage of.

Ijen Crater
The natural landscape is just as wonderful with other places is the Ijen crater. On top of a hill with a height of 2,368 mdpl, you could see a 20-km crater that is surrounded by walls of Kalderasetinggi around 300 – 500 m. the incredible natural landscape is clearly going to make anyone amazed. At the bottom of the crater, you will see a blue flame looks beautiful from the top. To be able to see the beauty of this blue flame, you must come in the early morning,

Green Bay
Green Bay or Green Bay not only interesting in terms of the name alone. You know, the origin of the water in the Bay is really the Green Color. These sights are still entering in glnp Meru Betiri National Park. There are many activities you can do here. In addition to seeing the green sea water, you can also visit the waterfall of angels who remained near the beach. This waterfall has a height of 8 m.

Red Island Beach
Naming based on this color also applies to Red Island Beach. Red Island is a small island near banyuwangi whose land is red. From the shore, you can draw near to Red Island when the sea are receding. The island-shaped Hill covered by green trees and shrubs so that only a little land that looks red.

Beach Rajegwesi
This beach is located in the village of Sarongan. Besides being able to walk around the beach, you can also see the witness of history during the occupation of Japan, namely a bunker. Another uniqueness of this beach is the sand-Brown, Grain of sand is also very soft. Beach Rajegwsi Beach became one of the must visit when you go to Banyuwangi.

That's about The most interesting sights in Banyuwangi. Thank you.

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