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Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach

Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach - Understanding the coastal Beach and almost all of us know the beach but also often do not understand what is the definition of the beach, because it's our understanding of many kekliruan, e.g. by making the equation with the coast and beaches are different.

Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach

The coastal area is the meeting between sea water and soil which finally happened called high tide or low tide although it arose a storm.

While the beach is an area that starts from the coastal area until far into the Mainland. There is no definite or clear boundaries regarding the coastal area but it is clear the coastal region is part of the coastal area.

The beach is part of the definition of land adjacent to the sea, which is still affected by the process of abrasion (erosion of sea water), sedimentation (sedimentation), tidal and sea water. According to the shape of its beaches can be divided into two kinds, namely coastal beaches and steep ramps.

If we go to the beach where we can go straight to sea water and can swim, play sand and can play with the waves at the beach called Beach ramps.

Camping on the beach is a fun idea to spend time with family. True beach is indeed used to sunbathe, swim, and do aktiftas other water related. Camping on the beach is more a variation of activities than in the mountains. However, you must pay attention to this before camping on the beach. Things you should not do while camping on the beach.


The first thing before camping on the beach is preparing a place for trash. When You go to the beach should always bring the trash. Camping on the Beach also need to bring food supplies. So it is not uncommon after cooking or eating a lot of junk left. We recommend that you always keep the environment clean around the tent and the beach.

Damaging plants around the

The second thing that shouldn't be done is ruin the crops. If you want to build a tent should choose where the vast and empty. You should not choose the place that there are plants, let alone with the cutting down of plants growing in the sand you'll anun tent. Better choose to install a tent below the wake so that cooler and not telalu affected by sunburn.

Discard any liquid into the sea

The third thing that should not be done is to remove any liquid into the sea. Perhaps you're thinking of throwing out Your former drinks so you can use these bottles of drinking water to something else. It's a BIG NO! Camping on the beach must also maintain the cleanliness of the sea. Even better if it helps clean up the beach and sea from dirt or garbage. Two dive three islands exceeded, you get pleasure with spending time together on the beach and the beach and the sea is clean from junk.

To reach the beach is usually the path that traversed would incline winding, and not as smooth as in the city. The All New Toyota Fortuner simplify everything! You can save your camping equipment in the trunk area and opens easily because there is a power back door. So, camping on the beach is not the impossible.

That's Things are Forbidden When Camping at the Beach. Thank you.

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